First and foresmost... Yes, you are welcome here.

Come and experience the love of God found at our tiny vibrant church.

The people of St Christopher and St Aidan gather to proclaim God’s love through worship and praise, ministry in our community and beyond, and through our mutual support of one another.

As a place that strives to honour our Lord Jesus Christ's echoing of the Two Great Commandments, we remain open to all who would enter our doors, and commit each member to walk alongside the other in faith, in hope, and in love. Our church is a tiny and joyful community... and growing... striving to be a multi-cultural and multi-generational community. 

What will you encounter as you enter our church?

We are a small, joyful and loving community. You will encounter a warm welcome and an informal atmosphere.

We have one service each Sunday at 10:30. We offer Holy Eucharist twice a month using contemporary forms of worship and the Book of Alternative Services, and Morning Prayer using the Liturgy of the Islands.

Our music ministry is a blend of both traditional and contemporary music with both piano and organ.

Are children welcome?

Children are always welcome…  While we do not have a specific children's ministry, we most certainly welcome children into our midst. They are today's church and children's voice are always welcomed and appreciated. We all attempt to make children feel welcomed and part of the family of God. Children are encouraged to be a part of the service and to join their families to receive Holy Communion.

We are a very small congregation and that makes it really easy to meet people, make new friends and you can rest assured that as we grow, our children's ministry will expand. Maybe you can help that happen! 

What if I have never been to church before or I’m visiting and from a different denomination or faith? Can I worship here?

Absolutely. All of God’s people are welcome to fully participate in the services at St Christopher and St Aidan Anglican Church. We want you to feel like you are part of God’s family here.  You do not need to be baptized to participate in worship and all are welcome to share in Communion. Ask anyone sitting next to you to help you follow the service.

Can I receive Communion?

YES! During the Eucharist (Lord’s Supper/Holy Communion) we serve wine and use a common cup. You are invited to kneel or stand at the altar and receive the bread, the wine or both as you prefer. If you would prefer not to have communion, you are welcome to come up for a blessing. Just cross your arms over your chest to identify that this is your request. If your mobility prevents you from coming to the altar rail but you would like to receive communion please mention this to the greeter before the service and the bread and wine will be brought to you in your seat.

Music, Hymns and Songs

We enjoy singing, and often are asked where is our choir? Our response is that the whole congregation is the choir!  We sing from a wide variety of music sources and they are most often found in the “BLACK BOOK” in the pew rack. Each Sunday will usually be a mixture of "traditional" hymns and more contemporary songs chosen by our music director, Brad.

 What's with all the standing and sitting?

At most Anglican churches around the world we usually stand when we sing, stand for the creed, and for the prayer after communion. We sit during the readings from the Bible, but stand for the gospel and some stand while others sit for the Eucharistic prayer. The Eucharist is a celebration so many stand if they are able. All this standing and sitting can be very confusing until you are more familiar with the service. The best rule of thumb is to do what is most comfortable for you… and just watch everyone else!

Where do I park?

Park right out on the street. We are a small congregation, and parking isn’t an issue.

What do I wear?

Wear whatever clothes make you comfortable. Most wear very casual clothes while others might wear a sports jacket or a sweater and slacks. In the summertime you may see people wearing flip-flops … as I said, it’s a very casual church. Your presence is much more important than what you wear or how you look. If you are visiting the area and camping ... camping duds are perfect.

Oh no... what about money?

Yes, we admit it. There will normally be a "collection"...a plate passed around during the hymn just before Communion, to collect monetary donations for the church.  We need to meet running costs and pay salaries, and the Anglican church is also a major social service organization. No one will pay attention to how much you're dropping on the plate, and you don't have to make a contribution at all. If you see any value in what we're doing, you'll probably want to help if you can. We collect money because ministry costs money. 

We don’t believe people give to the church – they give through the church to touch the lives of people in need. 

How do I stay in touch?

Please don’t hesitate to talk to anyone on our leadership team if you would like to become a member, get more information, or have a relaxed chat about a need you may have. We all can get you in touch with the person that can serve you best.

You are welcome to join us on Sunday and we will help you settle in! Please check out the Our Beliefs page to gather a bit more information about the Anglican church and what we believe.