Our church is the perfect venue for your Christian wedding!

Our quaint country log church with its historical setting and proximity to the Lake will help make the perfect wedding day.

The service for the solemnization of Matrimony is a Christian act of worship in which two people promise in the sight of God and in the presence of family and friends that they will love, comfort, honour and cherish one other and live together faithfully for the rest of their lives.

Let us help you, in the presence of God, create a beautiful and spiritual experience that will carry you through the rest of your lives. 

2020 Wedding Fee Schedule

Church: $350.00
Priest: $275.00
Altar Guild: $75.00
Organist: $150.00 ($180 if required to be at rehearsal or to practice with a soloist)
Harpist available


Death confronts us at various times during our earthly pilgrimage and touches us at the depths of our being. When death occurs, regardless of the persons age, either young or old, it is a life altering event, and can leave us disoriented and afraid. It is important to find ways of approaching death that allow us to acknowledge it, accept it, and move forward in hope.

From the perspective of Christian faith, dying can be a beautiful and meaningful journey. Our clergy are always willing to be with someone who is dying. We are willing to offer prayer and hope, and to offer a loving and calm presence at a difficult and often frightening time. The clergy will come to either home or hospital and if so desired will offer prayers for the dying. 


The Anglican Church of Canada baptizes both infants and adults to receive them into the family of God. Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ and unites Christ with his people. When we become baptized we make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. We let go of our old ways of seeing others and ourselves. We learn to see one another through the eyes of Christ. We make a conscious decision to respect others and ourselves, to grow in our ability to live in harmony with others, and to forgive. We have a responsibility to resist evil in our own lives and to work to transform our society into a caring family centered on Christ’s passionate love for the world.

At the time of baptism, the person is formally received as a member of the church, and may
receive Holy Communion (or Eucharist). If you would like to explore your faith and wonder if Baptism is for you or your children, please contact us to discuss this step in your personal faith life.

adapted from The Anglican Diocese of New Westminster: “Baptism”



Throughout the year we offer special services during the liturgical year such as The Blessing of Pets, special services for Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Pentecost and more. We look forward to seeing you there! 

For any of the above services please email us at incumbent@cowichananglican.ca