NOVEMBER 19, 2020 ...

This Sunday, St. Christopher's and St. Aidan's would like to invite you to consider attending worship in our little church sanctuary at 10:30am ! 
We will follow a simple order of morning prayer, and our music director, Brad Bergen, will offer some musical accompaniment.
As you know, because of the pandemic shutdown for the last 4 or 5 months, we must follow several protocols to attempt to maintain the best health standards as we begin to gather again.
If you have any cold, cough, flu or other symptoms of ill health, please rest comfortably at home.
Here is what you should experience, if you choose to join us this Sunday morning.   
1) Please try to arrive before 10:30am.  Enter the sanctuary building, not the hall, while maintaining appropriate social distance from everyone.   
2) Please bring your mask, if you have one.  We will have some extra masks at the door for those who need them.   
We plan to have hand sanitizer at the door of the church. 
3) Your name and phone number will be recorded before you enter, so we know who has attended. If there is any illness afterwards. we will immediately contact everyone. 
4) You will be directed to sit only at a spot where a single-page order of service has been placed on the pew.  These pages will have been placed to maintain distance between people for the worship service.  If you arrive with someone who shares your home accommodation, you may sit together; otherwise we ask everyone to maintain appropriate social distancing.
5) During our worship, there will be no singing, although Brad will offer the tunes for a couple of songs.   We will follow a simplified order of morning prayer, with everything needed on the page in each pew.  
6) When it is time to "pass the peace" we can all make eye contact, with a brief nod towards one another.
7) I expect worship to be about 40 minutes; unfortunately, we will not have tea and refreshments afterwards.
8) At the close of morning prayer, please remain in your seat for a brief time of announcements and discussion. 
9) About 10 or 15 minutes later, we will leave the sanctuary one by one.    An offering plate will be available near the door to receive offerings from individuals as we leave.  
10) Anyone needing to use the bathrooms during our time together may do so.  Bathrooms will be cleaned once everyone has departed.
While we will welcome anyone who arrives for worship on Sunday (and ask them to follow these guidelines!), we are only expecting those of our church family who are willing to make this modest beginning towards re-establishing a regular Sunday worship pattern.   We will evaluate over the next few weeks, and make decisions for each subsequent month.